First #HoldMeEverywhere Shot

#HoldMeEverywhere @ Borobudur
#HoldMeEverywhere @ Borobudur, Java, Indonesia

We both love travelling, and as soon as we got together we embarked ourselves in many adventures across every continent. It was January 2011, we were away from each other for a month, Leon was working in Amsterdam, Marcela was taking time off, in-between jobs, diving the Philippines. We both met again in Manila and took a flight to Java in Indonesia, a country we both haven’t experienced before. A great place to start new memories.

It was there, in front of us, the breathtaking Borobudur temple. We were lucky to sleep in the hotel located on the gardens of the temple, so we had access to this masterpiece when the doors were open but also when the doors were closed. We wanted to take a different picture, that symbolised how much we care about each other, and there is where that magic happened. At that moment we didn’t know that we would repeat this pose in so many places. When we hit the next destination we knew this was going to be our trademark.