#Holdmeeverywhere @ Cusco, Peru

We arrived yesterday in Cusco, our wedding is in 3 days! Super excited about the big day, and about all our friends who are on their way to Cusco from different parts of the world!

One of our favorite places in Cusco is Sacsayhuaman – an impressive Inca ruin just 15 minutes from the city centre. A friend of us asked if we would like to join her, ‘you have been there many times’. We love to go back every time, and odd enough we haven’t been there together before. A good excuse to add this beautiful background to our collection!

Keep tuned, wedding pictures coming soon!


#HoldMeEverywhere @ Cusco, Peru

It feels like it was yesterday when Leon proposed! In less than 2 months we will be back in Cusco, Peru, to celebrate love with our best friends and family (we will miss so much the ones that ones that cannot make it!). We are still getting used to ‘be engaged’. Now before we know we will need to get used to ‘be married’!

We are so looking forward to the perfect @holdmeeverywhere picture – no pressure on our photographers!

@marcelaugaz & @leonacda

#HoldMeEverywhere @ Wedding Cake Rock, Australia

Living in Sydney nature is all around you, such a blessing! The Royal National Park starts just an hour away from central Sydney, and extends for hundreds of KMs, with spectacular views of the ocean and the bushes, wherever you look around. I am most impressed by the cliffs. So dramatic!

A bit longer than half year ago we bought a drone, a DJI Mavic Pro. It has been a great addition to capture our adventures. We drove to Bundeena, parked the car, and walked south towards the Coast Walk for about 45 minutes. The infamous Wedding Rock Cake was there waiting for us, a pure white rock that stands out against the harder sandstones of the coastal cliffs – it’s sharp edges and deep cracks give it a unique shape, as a slice of a cake perched high above the pounding ocean.

We took the time to play with ‘Dronito’ and create this footage:

If you have the time continue pass the Wedding Cake Rock down to Marley Beach.

#HoldMeEverywhere @ Cusco, Peru

Cusco is a favorite, I, Marcela, am Peruvian and we both are very excited our wedding will take place in this beautiful city in July ’18. We are a bit behind the facts now with this blog: In December we were in town planning our wedding with Yessy and Victor. These folks plan a wedding like a boss, and we are so happy we found them!

While in Cusco we created some drone footage for our collection. Our favorite is this video taken from the San Cristobal square. This square offers impecable and unbeatable views of the main square. The ones reading this who have been in Cusco wil probably agree with me that the square is beautiful and the vibe is unique. Most of you that have been in Cusco have searched for the best spot to have a panoramic picture of the city. This is the one spot that should never be missed when in Cusco!

Visit the San Cristobal church, which is on the same square, and climb up the stairs to the bells (few stairs, no need to be on top condition). You will be rewarded with an even better view!

Looking forward to July ’18!

#HoldMeEverywhere @ Hunter Valley, Australia

Living in Sydney it is such a blessing to have the Hunter Valley (read amazing wineries) just 2 hours away. It is a long enough drive to feel you are leaving the city, but short enough that the drive does not feel like a big effort!

This time we did not drive straight from Sydney. We first spent a few days in the Central Coast and a few days in the Nelson Bay Area. On our way back from Nelson we stopped by the Hunter Valley and spent the night there.

Beautiful wines in this country, my favorite one is the sparking Shiraz, which is only made in Australia. Our mission this time was to buy a few beautiful bottles – and we succeeded! No doubt that was going to be easy!

We spent the night in Chateau Elan – oh what is that a beautiful place! We got an upgrade to one of their honeymoon suites as our room did not have a King bed but 2 doubles. The view of the golf course from the suites is unbeatable, especially when you wake up in the morning, open the curtains, and are welcomed by the beauty of the green surroundings!

We had 2 recommendations for dinner, and we chose for Il Cacciatore. The food was so well prepared and the dishes were beautifully decorated. The best part was the Sparkling Shiraz we ordered – that happened to be the best one we tasted in the last 2 days! Definitely coming back to this jewel!

For lunch we were recommended to go to Restaurant Cuvee at Peterson Champagne House – ‘if you are into Sparking wines you should go to Cuvee for lunch and do wine tasting after…’. Best advice ever. We tasted the Sparkling Merlot and the Sparkling Malbec for the first time, during lunch. We were in love with the wine. During wine tasting we felt more in love with the wines, and we ended bringing home some of those beautiful Sparkling wines!

Next stop was Glandore Estate, which was unexpected. We were driving to another winery that happened to be closed on Tuesdays, so we went to best next one on the same direction, and that happened to be Glandore Estate. We brought a Shiraz and a Sparkling Shiraz with us. It was their first Sparkling Shiraz production, and they made a wonderful job!

Last but not least, we stopped at our favorite winery, Piggs Peaks, and brought some more beautiful Shiraz with us. So happy we arrived there just before 5 PM, when pretty much all the wineries close their doors after another day of wine tasting.



#HoldMeEverywhere @ Bondi Beach | We are engaged!

It was the night before the morning we were flying to Europe, the flight was not until 11 am (ish). It was 4.30 am and I was still working when Lรฉon said I had to wake up at 7 AM. I didn’t understand why! He had to say he had a surprise – I thought, maybe a romantic breakfast, but can’t that wait until we are on holidays?

We walked towards the beach, and I was wondering where this special breakfast would be. We were almost at the shore of North Bondi, where I saw 2 chairs and a little table, and an old couple which looked to me like fishermen – I thought ‘first time I see fishermen bringing their chairs and table to have breakfast’. That table was for us and not for the fishermen, which where no fishermen by the way, just a lovely random old couple making sure our food was not eaten by the pigeons.

I saw the beautiful food and the champagne glasses – how did he get all this here on the beach at 7.30 AM?! – he asked me to sit down, he started to talk and then I knew it! It was 7-7-2017, and the number 7 means something to him and his family, when he mentioned the date I was sure he would get on his knees. 

The sun just came up and we had the beach pretty much to ourselves, with exception of a few surfers and some spectators along the Boulevard. The colors of the sky and the sea were beautiful, the weather was perfect, the morning was breathtaking. 

Lรฉon asked me to marry him in 3 languages, ‘Wil je met me trouwen?’, ‘Will you marry me?’, ‘Te quieres casar conmigo?’, and while on his knees he opened the little Tiffany’s box – I said ‘yes’, we hugged, we cried, we laughed, we kissed, we had champagne! Surfers came out of the Beach and congratulated us. The spectators clapped. The humpback whales did a show on the bay – so special!

It was a beautiful moment at the shores of the most iconic beach in the world on the 7-7 of 2017. ‘How did you get the chairs, the table, the lovely breakfast, the champagne and the champagne glasses so early in the morning?’ – ‘There are 2 people very important in our lives who helped, and are here hiding somewhere!’. Josh and Alyssa were part of it, their chairs, their table, the breakfast, the bottle and glasses! And making sure it was all set before 7.30 am. The best people to share the first champagne glass with as fiancรฉ and fiancรฉe! We love you guys, we love to have you in our lives!

We walked back home and enjoyed the view of Bondi Beach from our own balcony. This view that we considered privileged already will never be the same –  this view is now more important to us than ever!

The trip to Europe – now called the Engagement Trip – could start!
Credits: thanks djtristancase for the capturing the moment when Lรฉon went on his knees! 

#HoldMeEverywhere @ Vivid Sydney 2017

When we arrived in Sydney in June 2015 we just missed Vivid. Everybody would tell us how amazing it was, especially the people who experienced it for the first time – ‘Such a pity you guys missed it!’. We experienced it for the first time in 2016, and we loved it. This year we strolled a couple of times through the Vivid 2017 attractions in the CBD, The Rocks, Darling Harbour and The Royal Botanical Garden. We missed Taronga Zoo, which we need to experience next year!

Below a short 60-sec impression of one of our vivid evenings:

What we loved this year – difficult to choose: the Opera House (she is just so beautiful and those amazing lighting designs made it even more impressive), The Urban Tree on Martin Place, the Sunflowers and the Kiwis on the Royal Botanical Garden and the talented piano players on Martin Place’s Twelve Tone. We also love the new iPhone app, which is a lot more interactive and intuitive than the one from last year. You can plan your whole Vivid experience from your phone!

What we missed this year, and we hope vivid 2018 will bring (back): the Cathedral Light in the Royal Botanical Garden from Vivid 2016 and more Sydney-style fireworks in Darling Harbour – we would love to see them less frequent if needed, but bigger and more impressive.

And we obviously got our #HoldMeEverywhere pic, this time at the Under my Umbrella attraction in The Rocks.

Yesterday Vivid 2017 came to an end. Already looking forward to Vivid 2018!