#HoldMeEverywhere @ Hunter Valley, Australia

Living in Sydney it is such a blessing to have the Hunter Valley (read amazing wineries) just 2 hours away. It is a long enough drive to feel you are leaving the city, but short enough that the drive does not feel like a big effort!

This time we did not drive straight from Sydney. We first spent a few days in the Central Coast and a few days in the Nelson Bay Area. On our way back from Nelson we stopped by the Hunter Valley and spent the night there.

Beautiful wines in this country, my favorite one is the sparking Shiraz, which is only made in Australia. Our mission this time was to buy a few beautiful bottles – and we succeeded! No doubt that was going to be easy!

We spent the night in Chateau Elan – oh what is that a beautiful place! We got an upgrade to one of their honeymoon suites as our room did not have a King bed but 2 doubles. The view of the golf course from the suites is unbeatable, especially when you wake up in the morning, open the curtains, and are welcomed by the beauty of the green surroundings!

We had 2 recommendations for dinner, and we chose for Il Cacciatore. The food was so well prepared and the dishes were beautifully decorated. The best part was the Sparkling Shiraz we ordered – that happened to be the best one we tasted in the last 2 days! Definitely coming back to this jewel!

For lunch we were recommended to go to Restaurant Cuvee at Peterson Champagne House – ‘if you are into Sparking wines you should go to Cuvee for lunch and do wine tasting after…’. Best advice ever. We tasted the Sparkling Merlot and the Sparkling Malbec for the first time, during lunch. We were in love with the wine. During wine tasting we felt more in love with the wines, and we ended bringing home some of those beautiful Sparkling wines!

Next stop was Glandore Estate, which was unexpected. We were driving to another winery that happened to be closed on Tuesdays, so we went to best next one on the same direction, and that happened to be Glandore Estate. We brought a Shiraz and a Sparkling Shiraz with us. It was their first Sparkling Shiraz production, and they made a wonderful job!

Last but not least, we stopped at our favorite winery, Piggs Peaks, and brought some more beautiful Shiraz with us. So happy we arrived there just before 5 PM, when pretty much all the wineries close their doors after another day of wine tasting.



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