#HoldMeEverywhere @ Vivid Sydney 2017

When we arrived in Sydney in June 2015 we just missed Vivid. Everybody would tell us how amazing it was, especially the people who experienced it for the first time – ‘Such a pity you guys missed it!’. We experienced it for the first time in 2016, and we loved it. This year we strolled a couple of times through the Vivid 2017 attractions in the CBD, The Rocks, Darling Harbour and The Royal Botanical Garden. We missed Taronga Zoo, which we need to experience next year!

Below a short 60-sec impression of one of our vivid evenings:

What we loved this year – difficult to choose: the Opera House (she is just so beautiful and those amazing lighting designs made it even more impressive), The Urban Tree on Martin Place, the Sunflowers and the Kiwis on the Royal Botanical Garden and the talented piano players on Martin Place’s Twelve Tone. We also love the new iPhone app, which is a lot more interactive and intuitive than the one from last year. You can plan your whole Vivid experience from your phone!

What we missed this year, and we hope vivid 2018 will bring (back): the Cathedral Light in the Royal Botanical Garden from Vivid 2016 and more Sydney-style fireworks in Darling Harbour – we would love to see them less frequent if needed, but bigger and more impressive.

And we obviously got our #HoldMeEverywhere pic, this time at the Under my Umbrella attraction in The Rocks.

Yesterday Vivid 2017 came to an end. Already looking forward to Vivid 2018!


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