#HoldMeEverywhere @ Llanganuco, Peru

I love Peru, not only because I am Peruvian, but because it is a beautiful country blessed with an immense biodiversity above and underwater. It has all natural regions and all climates, which makes it very special. There is always something to explore for everybody, whether it is gastronomy, mountain climbing, hiking, rafting, surfing or touring along the Amazonas.

One of my favorites regions in Peru is the area around Huaraz. It is not on the typical itineraries  people follow when they travel to Peru for the first time (people would normally visit Lima, Ica, Arequipa, Cusco, Puño and if time permits the Amazonas area). This is one of the reason why the Huaraz area is very special – it is not crowded! The other reason, and actually the main one, is that the area is blessed with the highest mountains and glaciers of the country and the most beautiful valleys in between the mountains, forming breathtaking lagoons all over the place. There are activities for the beginner and for the advanced explorer, anything you can imagine that the mountains, the roads and the rivers can offer.

Huaraz city is not pretty, but you will need to use it as a base. The surroundings are unbelievable! The ‘Callejon de Huaylas’ is a must in the area, it covers a few beautiful villages (as Yungay and Carhuaz), a few multi-day challenging and less challenging hikes (if you want, otherwise you just drive) and a few breathtaking lagoons (as the Llanganuco Lagoon).

This #HoldMeEverywhere picture is taken at the Llanganuco lagoon, a magical turquoise lagoon in the Callejón de Huaylas. The first time I saw this lagoon I was 8 years old. I remember how impressed I was with its beauty and its size, and with the mystery that the Andes surrounding it bring. The trees in the National Park where the lagoon is located are also very peculiar. It looks like they have layers of orange, yellow and brown all over. Never seen similar trees elsewhere!

The best way to go to Huaraz is to fly from Lima. The airport in Huaraz has an amazing view of the Huascaran mountain, the highest mountain in Peru. Alternatively you can take the night bus (bus cama) from Lima, the seats recline 180 degrees and you will have a good sleep before arriving in Huaraz!

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