#HoldMeEverywhere @ The Maldives

Another breathtaking destination!

We always wanted to go to the Maldives, especially as divers we would always hear how amazing the underwater world is on that side of the Indian Ocean. The idea of spending time in one small island for a week or longer, or spending time in a boat without the comfort we were looking for was not very appealing. So that holiday to The Maldives remained on the ‘parking lot’.

One of those weeks was coming on which you have 3 to 4 national holidays within 2 weeks. A Google search brought me to this amazing floating resort in The Maldives called Scupa Spa. It was a combination of the luxury of the resorts on the mini islands, a 5 stars diving centre, excellent food, internet, spa and jacuzzi on board, and all ‘that’ moving from one to another dive site, sandbank and tropical deserted island throughout the week. The route of the floating resort was called ‘The best of The Maldives’. We were in! (we are planning to write a separate post on Scuba Spa, that was even better than what we expected!)

After spending a superb week floating on the Indian Ocean we went back to Male and took a plane to our next local destination, The Ayada Resort in the far south, pretty close to the Equator. That was definitely heaven on Earth! The location, the huge ocean villa, the perfect butler, the local reef, the 5 stars service, the diversity of restaurants, and the dolphins passing by at sunrise and sunset time to say hello! We did quite a bit of research and decided this place was the best for us. We did not regret any second of our stay, and the fact that you are in the far south brings something special to your journey! We actually took an upgrade on arrival, and that was definitely worth every single penny! See this 60-second impression of our paradise on the far south:

We are definitely going back to Ayada, probably early 2018. We want to try the Far South route of Scuba Spa as well, which is only available on January and February (at least at the time of writing this post).



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